Fractional Ownership

Benefits of Fractional Ownership

Compare to 100% Ownership of a Cottage Owning a cottage outright on Lake of Bays is expensive. The average price is more than $750,000. A decent cottage will cost more than a million dollars. Then there are your annual costs. Taxes on a million dollar cottage are about $10,000 per year. Add your insurance, hydro, other utilities, maintenance, repair and interest if you have a mortgage, and you can see why cottage ownership is out of reach for so many people. There is also the work, lots of it. Many people spend a great deal of their vacation time performing work around the cottage.

If you are like most cottage owners you’ll only use your cottage several weeks per summer, 3 to 5 weekends, and take a vacation abroad every few years. That’s a lot of cost for your cottage for so little use. There is a better way!

Fractional ownership is built on the concept that you purchase a fraction of an asset based on the amount of time you plan to actually use it. You also only pay for a percentage of taxes, utilities, insurance and maintenance. Assume you buy a 5 week interval for $73,000. Your annual maintenance fees will be between $4310-$5270 per year depending on cottage style. Everything is paid for including all maintenance work and cottage cleaning. In addition, you also have the use of many recreational amenities that don’t come with outright cottage ownership. It’s a practical, totally carefree alternative. You can even exchange one or more weeks for a resort abroad, saving even more money. You can buy more than one interval giving you more weeks in the summer and additional weeks other times of the year. Even if you use most your time on weekends only, you’ll still be financially way ahead.

Compare to Paying for Vacations

Your cost for 5 weeks vacation will be about $4310-$5270 per year for maintenance fees depending on cottage size. Your purchase includes a three year Club Interval Gold membership in Interval International, allowing you to exchange one or more of your weeks at more than 1500 destinations around the word. Even if you take one week per year and go away 5 weekends you’ll still save money, plus your asset can appreciate in value. It’s yours forever until you sell it or pass it on to your heirs.

Interval International

Exchange Privileges

Ownership entitles you to participate in the Exchange Program. exchange any of your resort weeks for a different destination or another time of year, and exchange your interval with one in over 100 countries!

See the world! Travel to Any of these Areas on an Exchange

  • Asia
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Canada – Eastern
  • Canada – Western
  • Caribbean & Atlantic Islands
  • Central America
  • Europe – Central & The Low Countries
  • Europe – East Mediterranean & Adriatic
  • Europe – France, Italy & Malta
  • Europe – Portugal, Spain & Andorra
  • Europe – UK & Ireland

  • Europe-Canary Islands
  • Europe-Scandinavia
  • Mexico
  • Middle East
  • Northern Africa
  • South America
  • South Pacific Islands
  • Southern Africa
  • USA – California
  • USA – Central South
  • USA – Florida

  • USA – Hawaii
  • USA – Lake Tahoe & Las Vegas
  • USA – Lake Tahoe & Las Vegas
  • USA – Middle Atlantic
  • USA – Midwest
  • USA – New England
  • USA – Northwest & Alaska
  • USA – Rocky Mountains
  • USA – Southeast
  • USA – Southwest